ABOUT TDAAccount.Org

The Treasury Direct Account and the Federal Reserve are two very different things. In order to understand the TDA Account, you must understand how the Federal Reserve was created. In the articles, videos and downloads, we will attempt to explain the TDA Account, how it affects you and what you can do to access these funds should you wish to proceed. We do not guarantee you will be able to use these accounts and we do not guarantee the Federal Government won’t be knocking on your door. However, what we do know, is they exist.

This site is an informational site which is attempting to weed out all the misinformation about TDA accounts and give you the latest information regarding what is going on with the funds. Some people have been arrested for trying to access their funds and successfully transferring money from those accounts to various locations. Therefore BE WARNED! Should you attempt to use any of the information within this site, you have a chance at being arrested also. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!

For the past few months, we have been studying this subject and found there are so many sites with confusing information and misinformation. The items we provide are from those who have come before and successfully maneuvered the process. Therefore, as of this date today, everything within these pages is correct to our knowledge.

Our goal is not to make a fortune by helping you. Our goal is to assist you in finding the proper documentation, give you the instructions we have been given and then to pass that information to you in the easiest way possible. In order to fill out forms and file them correctly, we have tracked down people who are successfully using their TDA accounts today.

It is imperative, you proceed with caution and when and if possible, consult an attorney. This is serious business and the Federal government is not happy we are discovering their years of deception.


Because we are doing this on our own without the help of any corporate funding, we’re not part of some government conspiracy theory and we also don’t subscribe to the “inspirational guru” philosophy of charging people thousands of dollars for information they will eventually find for free if they look hard enough, we ask for a small donation so we can keep this site going.

Again, we’re not telling you what to do, we’re not advocating you even attempt to access your account, we’re only providing the information we’ve uncovered which could lead you to take back your identity from the government and accessing your funds.